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Fig. 1.

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Fig. 1. Development of the central nervous system in zebrafish. (A) The earliest primary sensory, motor, and interneurons visualized by whole-mount in situ hybridization with a pan-neuronal marker, huC, at the neural plate stage, 10.5 hpf (hours post-fertilization). Top view, anterior is to the left. tg neurons. (B) Functional analysis of a novel neural cell adhesion molecule, Gicerin, at 24 hpf. First staining with anti-chicken Gicerin antibody (upper) and second staining with anti-HNK-1 antibody (bottom). (C) Myelination of adult brain, 3 mpf (months post-fertilization), in a transgenic line, Tg[mbp:mEGFP]. Ventral view, Size is not in scale. tg, trigeminal ganglion. Modified from Choi TY et al. (Exp Mol Med 2021;53:310-7) [8].
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