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Fig. 2.

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Fig. 2. Summary of stroke-like episodes (SLEs). The SLEs that occurred in this case are shown. MELAS was suspected in the second SLE and the final diagnosis was made by confirming the pathogenic variant m.3243A>G in the genetic test. *Serum lactate level was confirmed. **Cocktail therapy included L-arginine, L-carnitine, coenzyme Q10, thioctic acid, and vitamins. Alt, altered; cbl, cerebellum; Dx, diagnosis; GP, globus palidus; HA, headache; LEV, levetiracetam; MELAS, mitochondrial encephalomyopathy, lactic acidosis, and stroke-like episode; O, occipital lobes; OXC, oxcarbazepine; P, parietal lobes; SLLs, stroke-like lesions; SZ, seizure; VD, visual disturbance.
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